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Experience The Caribbean’s Awe-Inspiring Beaches

More About Caribbean Destinations

Experience tropical terrain among the most diverse and enchanting beaches in the world. Every Caribbean shore is trademarked with marine life, awe-inspiring coastlines, and eclectic cultures. Pair your BeachMaster’s knowledge with your adventurous, beach-obsessed, or food-enthusiast preferences, and we’ll have your perfect island match. Scroll to venture and find exquisite resorts among gorgeous natural phenomenons.

Punta Cana

Dig your toes into the finest sugar-sands the Caribbean has to offer. Home of one of the 10 best beaches in the world, Punta Cana’s Bavaro Beach has become an All Inclusive hotspot to escape winter temps and head for relaxation. If venturing off the typical path is your thing, there is plenty to fill your week with the spirit and charm of this Dominican culture. From boat spas, to ATV’s and buggies, let Apple Vacations be your travel authority to one of our absolute favorite Caribbean destinations.


If the Caribbean had a flavor, it would be Jamaican. In Jamaica, the Bob Marley attitude “Don’t worry ‘bout a thing” truly comes to life as vacationers experience good R&R. Apple Vacations’ All-inclusive resorts are nestled amidst jungle terrain along the Caribbean coastline. Whether you’re a Reggae music lover or a newlywed foodie, experience an exotic get-away with a laid-back culture, fine food, and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.


For all you kiteboarding junkies out there, Aruba is the place for you! And have you heard of those cool twisting divi-divi trees? The white powdery sand of Aruba is dotted with the most beautiful exotic arid foliage in the Caribbean. If you want to explore off Apple Vacations’ resort property, Aruba’s charming city is one of the most ethnically diverse with new culture and landmarks to discover!

La Romana

Sitting in your living room wishing you could just soak in the pure Caribbean coast? La Romana is the ideal vacation destination, surrounded by towering palm trees and crystal blue water giving any traveler the perfect exotic picture of the Tropics. This cosmopolitan hotspot has all the perks of city life with travel accessibility to easily experience nearby resorts and islands. La Romana is the 3rd largest city in the Dominican Republic. So take an afternoon stroll within the city and visit nearby islands like Saona island to capture the Dominican Republic’s natural beauty, all at the convenience of your neighboring Apple Vacations’ luxe resort.

St Thomas

No shoes? No passport? No problem! The Apple Vacations’ destination of St. Thomas is the first Caribbean stop for many Americans. St Thomas is the most cosmopolitan of the US Virgin Islands plus its awe inspiring coastline is edged with bright turquoise waters. From the leisure vacationers to the adventure-seekers, or even the corporate meeting planners, St. Thomas offers great gorgeous beaches, hiking, world renowned golf courses, and one of the world’s most beautiful harbors.


Curacao is a tasty fusion of tropical charm with a Latin style, proud African heritage, and European sophistication. Representing over 50 nationalities, the Dutch inspired crayon-colors and red tiled houses make your urban strolls feel like a mix between the streets of Europe within an eclectic New Orleans culture. Other great attractions include world-class diving sites, historical monuments, museums and golf courses. While there is much to do at this Apple Vacations’ destination, it may only take the calming Caribbean coast to make you utterly mesmerized and never want to leave.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, the birthplace of the Pina Colada, has gorgeous terrain to explore and enjoy. Puerto Rico is the jungle guru when it comes to green mountains to hike, waterfalls to explore and rainforests to zip-line. Plus, no worries about needing a passport in PR! Old San Juan is one of the most popular regions of this destination. Its sprawling historical colonial buildings set the stage for a buzzing nightlife atmosphere accompanied by salsa, rock, and Latin music. You can even catch a baseball game in San Juan! If Marc Anthony loves Puerto Rico, Apple Vacations does too!


For all you beach bums out there, discover this island’s 365 beaches with the perfect balance between an intimate quaint atmosphere with a fun city culture. Lined with secluded coves and silken powder-white sands, Antigua hosts some of the most beautiful beaches in all the Caribbean. Experience a tranquil lagoon view of turquoise sea for our nature lovers or couples yearning for a romantic paradise. For excursions beyond your Apple Vacations’ resort, check out the watersports and golf, sightseeing and shopping, open-air restaurants, live entertainment, and spas.


Whip out those Bermuda shorts and bring on those pink sandy beaches. That’s right, miles of Bermuda’s southernmost pink shore stretch along the turquoise sea surrounding this group of 181 tiny islands. Relax on the captivating beaches surrounded by picturesque cliffs and coves. Among emerald waters lies gorgeous coral reefs with 650 species of colorful fish. With Apple Vacations, you can experience Bermuda’s unique old English charm mixed with new colorful American influences both on and off resort property.

St Lucia

We’ll go ahead and pinch you, it’s so real that it’s surreal. Think sparkling bays surrounded by towering forested hills. The island is a watersport lover’s dream, from kite surfing and snorkeling on the west coast, to must-see natural wonders in the south. Whether travelers are after romance, rejuvenation or adventure, this is the perfect Apple Vacations’ destination.

Turks & Caicos

Dive into one of Apple Vacations’ top diving destinations in the world. With lots of little islands and vibrant cays, their picture-perfect beaches and turquoise shores beg for discovery. For a mellow retreat on the sand, Turks & Caicos’ famous beaches span uncrowded, even on world-class dive sites. Providenciales (“Provo”) is in the running for world’s top island destination and offers nature preserves, salt lakes, and limestone cliffs. And fun fact, Turks & Caicos’ capital island, Grand Turk, was the first island where Christopher Columbus landed on his 1492 voyage to the New World.


Calling all surfers and sunbathers! Apple Vacations presents to you, Barbados! Drenched in rich history and tradition, this tropical locale abounds with charm. Barbados is most famous for its endless blush-pink and white sands and “Golden Coast” beaches, most known for their tranquil waters. “Crane Beach” is one of our top 7 beaches you don’t want to miss! If you need a break from scuba diving, play some cricket while you’re here (the national sport) or golf on designer oceanside courses. The island of Barbados is a little more remote, and a whole lot harder to bid farewell.

St Kitts

Bordering the Caribbean to the west and facing the Atlantic to the east is the exotic tropical island of St. Kitts. Emerald green rain forests, black and white sand beaches, and a dormant volcano are a delight to this tranquil island. If you want to adventure off site, visit the capital city of Basseterre modeled after London’s Piccadilly Circus. For you nature-lovers, enjoy the Apple Vacations’ resorts resting within exuberant tropical foliage in the center of St. Kitts’ natural beauty. At St. Kitt’s, we can promise you an unparalleled island vacation experience for the whole family to enjoy.

Grand Cayman

We aren’t kidding when we say “Grand”. Introducing the largest of the three Cayman islands with the world famous Seven Mile Beach, dubbed one of the most beautiful beaches in all the Caribbean. Adventure through the island’s old-growth forests or experience the culture of George Town’s Caymanian heritage. Want the perfect spot for relaxation? Check out Apple Vacations’ top resorts located on Grand Cayman's tranquil and picturesque East End. Combine this with the area's rep for best diving in the Caribbean with many fun, family-friendly activities and “VOILA!” you have your dream vacation.

The Bahamas (Nassau Grand Bahama)

Needing a quick escape? Treat yo’self to that “Bahama Mama” drink and get packing for The Bahamas STAT! The Bahamas sit just south of Florida making it one of the most accessible island countries from the US. It’s an incredibly family-friendly country with many All Inclusive resort options to choose. You can’t miss the most infamous resort Atlantis Resorts. Enjoy world-class activities including a water park, aquarium, movie theater, kids’ club, game room, and dolphin cay just to name a few. Find your true oasis of picture perfect, white sand beaches and clear blue water just a short walk from your breathtaking resort.

St Croix

Pack your newest bikini and snorkeling gear and head to St. Croix, the largest of the US Virgin Islands at 40 miles. St. Croix hosts plantation ruins, white sandy beaches and lush rain forests to set the stage for a gorgeous and relaxing Apple Vacations’ destination. If you’re interested in diving you will find yourself swimming next to shipwrecks and vibrant ocean life! St Croix also offers more natural and cultural allures with two-thirds of the island covered by national park. Experience the fascinating history and unique culture of St. Croix where guests enjoy a Danish influence, unspoiled nature, and a laidback feel that’s both All inclusive and family-friendly!

Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo aka “La Capital” is the largest city in the Dominican Republic and one of the Caribbean's oldest. The city is a collab of rich history culture mixed with cosmopolitan vibes and gorgeous tropical coast. Take a tour through this “Holy Sunday” Colonial Zone to visit cathedrals dating back to the 1500’s -- among some of the firsts of the New World! Or, enjoy family-friendly resorts that look out over sugary white sand beaches dotted with gorgeous coconut trees. Come home to Santo Domingo’s endless turquoise sea to top off the perfect day on your Apple Vacations’ destination.

Puerto Plata

Where the golden sand meets the Amber Coast, this Dominican Republic destination is surrounded by lush mountain ranges, a 2-mile crescent of powdery sand, and a sparkling Atlantic backdrop. Just 25 minutes from Puerto Plata lies the cool, hip coastal village of Cabarete. Cabarete’s warm waters and trade winds create the perfect atmosphere making it the world’s kiteboarding and windsurfing capital. So you can have your cake and eat it too without having to choose between sun, sand, tourism, or adventure.


Do you speak whale? Samana is the place for you -- a winter wonderland to thousands of humpback whales who find leisure in its warm waters. This scenic and peaceful port town is full of lush tropical mountain hills, beautiful waterfalls, caves, and countless secluded beaches. When you’re not resting in one of resort rooms or soaking up sun on the beach, there are plenty of activities to choose from: enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing, and motorized water sports. Rent a bicycle, take a scuba diving lesson, or play a game of tennis...Seeeeeea, this destination has it all!

Sint Maarten/St. Martin

This island duo is a little European and a whole lotta Caribbean, with Dutch and French elegance and Caribbean-chic culture all in one trip! To the south, you’ll feel the influence of the Netherlands in Sint Maarten, nestled against a lush hillside embraced by acres of tropical colors, a white-sand beach, and cobalt-blue waters. To the north get a taste of France in St. Martin with boutiques, cafes, charm, and natural beach beauty. You’ll leave your trip feeling more culturally embraced than ever before!

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