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Girls’ Getaway

Escape On A Dream Girls’ Getaway

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It’s time for a reunion! It’s been faaaaaaar too long and all that girlfriends have been talking about for months. Take the perfect opportunity to get all of your besties together in one place without worrying about added costs, babysitter cancellations, or answering that last email from work. Embrace what any woman loves and every woman needs: a week-long Girls Night Out of total rest, relaxation, and fun (and did we mention unlimited drinks?!). You deserve someone to make your meal for a change, pamper your tired soul all day, and to top it off, 24/7 quality time with your best friends and no distractions whatsoever.

Discounts For Everybody!

With groups for 10 or more, the more the merrier when it comes to discounts for group pricing. When you book BlueSun, there’s no complications of nominating a middleman or working around everybody’s schedules. Simply book your vacation and you''re good to go! Each room can be booked individually for whatever dates you need, yet every group member saves $20-$80 (based on package price & group number). Each guest will book through the same BeachMaster so nothing gets lost in translation, and everybody can be on the same page. Ask your BeachMaster about hotel & air package options. Group planning just got easier, making your vacation a breeze.

Buzzing Nightlife

Regain your social life without the stress of work or a busy home-life to make you tired at the end of a long day. While you’re relaxing all day, get ready to fully embrace the resort culture and all that city life can offer off resort property. Our BeachMasters know the top destinations for the buzzing nightlife and entertainment filled with music, dancing, amazing restaurants and bars with plenty of seating. You can avoid the crowds of home and spend your vacation hooray going out with a bang!

Spas, Spas, And More Spas

Regardless of what is going on with your life, there is no better way to de-stress than at the world’s best destination spas. Indulge at the top spas in Mexico & the Caribbean with all of your best friends all at once. Rent a spa cabin at selective resorts for a full day spa treatment where you can be pampered and enjoy drinks all day, all together. At most spa resorts, check out world-class spa treatment rooms. Start the day in the spa, then continue to ride the wave of relaxation at your resort’s pool and swim-up bar. Ask our BeachMasters for the top spa destinations in the world. We’ll hook you up with relaxation at its finest.

A Relaxing Adventure All-In-One

Is that possible? You may get exhilarated from the thought of “no plans” except for lounging in a hammock off the beach. Or your mind may be totally at ease with the idea of coasting through the tropics riding on a zipline. There’s a resort perfect for your tasting. Statisfy everyone’s tasting with options galore at your resort of choice. Let us help you find your perfect destination-resort match made in heaven. We’ve done the research so you don’t have to.

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