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Traveling in packs, just got easier. With Apple Vacations’ “Group-Ease” Booking Program, you don’t have to worry about being nominated “the point man” (or woman) of the crew. That’s why we’re here. When you travel in packs, you don’t have to sacrifice your independence or unique style. Each guest books through the same BeachMaster and each room can be booked individually, yet every group member gets to be apart of the same group discount. With the same BeachMaster, nothing gets lost in translation and everyone will be on the same page. We’re here to make your vacation as seamless as possible. Now there’s no more excuses, it’s time for your vacation because we’ve just made it a breeze.

Discounts For Everybody!

With groups for 10 or more, it’s the more the merrier when it comes to discounts for group pricing. When you book with us, there’s no more working around everybody’s schedules. Each room can be booked individually for whatever dates you need, yet every group member saves $20-$80 (based on package price & group number). Each guest will book through the same BeachMaster to prevent any confusion or stress! So ask your BeachMaster about hotel & air-inclusive options and group discounts.

No Middle Man

For you party-planners out there, no longer do you have to be the middle man (or woman). Defy the stereotypes of stressful group trips with your BeachMaster. You can tailor your reservation according to your needs: Need to book on a different day? Need to leave early? Want to stay a little longer? Desire an oceanview? Craving a swim-up room on the first floor? No problem. Everyone books through the same BeachMaster so they become the new point of contact & everyone can be on the same page. Want to hear about other perks? Ask our BeachMasters! They’ve booked trips for groups up to 60 people, they have some street creds.

Activities Galore!

There’s no “family feuds” here. When it comes to your All Inclusive resort, activities are the name-of-the-game to satisfy any personality from the youngsters to the oldies-but-goodies. For the easy-riders? Get quality time with the guys on the world-renown resort golf courses. Or enjoy therapeutic rejuvenation spas and take the afternoon off. Adventure-seekers? Take to the seas with on-site kayaking, sailing, snorkeling or visit off-site excursion opportunities in the area. Foodie? Check out world-renown restaurants from across the globe or call in room service for the night. Party animals? There’s a new kind of way to “adult” with a luxe atmosphere and vibrant nightlife from the resort clubs, bars, and night entertainment. Mingle with people across the globe or connect with those closest to you at countless resort social options. Give our BeachMasters a call and ask them where they have sent groups on fabulous vacations in packs.

Excursion Junkies

When you travel, there is no such thing as a “boring day” if you so choose. From laid-back sunset cruises, luxury sailing and snorkeling, experiencing almost every ocean sport known to man, diving with sea creatures, hikes to historic landmarks and waterfalls, ziplining and ATV buggy rides through the jungle, cultural tours through the city...nothing is too far-fetched! The list can go on and on if you’d like. Ask our BeachMasters to tell you all that is included at your resorts and all that your city can offer!

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